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A Guide To DFW Private Schools has been a growing idea of mine since 1991. While good reputation and "word-of-mouth" are always excellent sources of information, this factual resource book on private schools has helped many parents decide what educational facilities are available to them and their children. Now in its fifth edition, the book has been very well received.

The facts of the book are all gathered for you as a parent to decide what school might best meet your needs. Since new schools are always opening, it has been very difficult to be totally current at the time the book makes it to the bookstores. So when the summer of 1997 drew to a close and my consulting business had established a small web page, I began to discover the power of the World Wide Web and what it could do for my book. Thus, The Web Guide To DFW Private Schools was born.

The road for research and discovery is the most powerful tool our brains have. I became hooked on the Web and my mind began to tick away at a design that would be able to serve the Dallas/Fort Worth community in an educational fashion and help parents and private schools find each other. After researching and uncovering the technology that would drive my idea, the site began to take shape.

I have been so impressed by the well-educated parents I have had the pleasure to help and their valid concerns they have when selecting a school environment for their child. I have always had an inner challenge to educate at every opportunity and now this opportunity has been provided to me again. Although it does not replace the versatility of the book, The Web Guide is truly the most natural progression–the perfect companion.

I take great pride in my work and during the course challenged my team's patience until the work was as close to my standards of excellence as possible. Our team has worked countless hours on the sorting and editing of elements and valuable admission information and an interface that could accommodate them. I appreciate the schools participating in one of the several partnering opportunities we have available on our site. I encourage those schools that are not a part of our extended program to join. Their participation helps you to stay current on private schools, their testing dates, open houses and activities.

The Web Guide To DFW Private Schools is a pilot for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and your input is important to us, so please feel free to give us your feedback. Now that the Web site is a reality we hope to grow and serve as a major information center for private schools–always up to date and filled with current educational information to assist you when planning your child's educational path. For every parent, each child and phase of his development is a new experience. Hopefully the information we provide on this site will inspire you and make the choices along the way a little less stressful. I personally hope that you will find this helpful along your journey.

–Lynn H. Magid